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Custom Dashboard for MTD Actual Sales and Forecast Financial Results

About Us

The Principal of Howard Kaufman Consulting has over 40 years of manufacturing, accounting and crisis management experience across a broad range of industries and environments.

These experiences revealed that most middle market companies have reams of data, but very little actual information when it comes time to make key decisions.  In many cases critical decisions are made with “knee jerk” reactions based on anecdotal data.

But the reality is that Real Information could be available by “mining” the data already in your Enterprise computer system, eg. Actual labor and material costs,; actual rejects and scrap and setup time;  actual freight and premium freight and credit memos issued; actual dollars spent to maintain tooling or special equipment, ……  BUT ALL THIS DATA SITS IN TABLES, UNUSED WHEN IT COMES TIME TO DEVELOP PLANS FOR INCREASING PROFITABILITY!!

The mission of HKC is to provide ALL levels of the organization with the tools and data they need to :

1. Identify Areas of Opportunity

2. Prioritize those areas

3. Organize the information necessary to develop Action Plans

4. Provide tracking Metrics to measure improvement