For companies eager to benchmark their operational performance and identify where they need to get better, there is the universal tool of OEE.  

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the product of multiplying these three elements:

· AVAILABILITY - the percent of time the workcenter is actually producing compared to the time it is scheduled to be producing

· PERFORMANCE - the Actual Production Rate compared to the Ideal Production rate  (this percent should never, ever exceed 100%)

· QUALITY - the percent of Good Pieces produced compared to Total Pieces produced

HKC has developed queries to support this final calculation but also contain detailed information by part, by workcenter, and by period .  Clients have used this data to identify the 5 lowest workcenters and the 5 lowest performing parts for any period of time and use this data to feed back to operators and initiate Continuous Improvement efforts.

As an adjunct to OEE, HKC has used the data within the enterprise system to break down the AVAILABILITY portion and define the reasons for lost time.  This data can lead to identifying equipment and tooling issues previously not quantified.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)